Tarot Cards

the world card – meaning of the the world tarot card

In tarot, the World card represents equilibrium, progress, and fulfilment. The centre dancing figure represents unending motion and togetherness. The green wreath represents achievement, while the crimson ribbons indicate infinity. The four figures in the corners symbolize Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius, and Taurus, representing the elements and evangelicals, and reflect the universe’s energies in harmony. The World card signifies timeless and dynamic union.

the sun card – meaning of the sun tarot card

The Sun card represents hope, fulfilment, and fresh beginnings. It signifies the sun’s life-giving force and the sunrise after a long period of darkness. The youngster in the card represents the innocence and happiness that comes from being honest to oneself. The nakedness of the infant indicates purity and transparency, while the white horse represents power and majesty. Overall, the card represents happiness and congruence with one’s real self.

the moon card – meaning of the moon tarot card

The Moon card depicts a road with wolves and dogs on either side, representing our animalistic nature – one civilized, the other untamed. A crawfish emerges from a pond, and two towers border the walkway in the distance, referring to duality and options. It depicts the narrow line between conscious and unconscious, domesticated and untamed, and the difficulty of discriminating between good and bad energies.

The Star Card – Meaning of the star tarot card

The Star card represents a lady holding water containers, representing her spiritual and practical qualities. She represents fertility and expansion through nourishing the earth. The centre star and seven smaller stars represent chakras, while the bird represents mind. In astrology, the card is linked with Aquarius. It represents hope, direction, and a link to higher awareness, bringing balance and optimism into one’s life.

The Tower card – Meaning of the the tower tarot

The Tower card depicts a spire on a mountain that has been hit by lightning and is consumed in flames. In despair, people leap from windows, resembling characters from the Devil card. It reflects goals constructed on shaky foundations, demanding demolition to make place for fresh starts. Revelations occur unexpectedly, resulting in the revelation of truth or inspiration The card reflects the ups and downs of life.

Temperance Card – Meaning of temperance tarot card

Temperance shows a balanced angel with both feet on water and dry ground, symbolizing the unity of the subconscious and material worlds. The square with an inscribed triangle represents the balance of the physical and spiritual worlds. She combines supra and subconscious brains in two cups, symbolizing oneness and infinity. The card suggests trying new things before committing totally, emphasizing the significance of balance and harmony in life.

Death Card – Meaning of death card in tarot card

It shows a living skeleton riding a white horse with a black flag. The armor signifies invincibility, emphasizing that no one can escape Death. The white horse symbolizes purity and the universal nature of Death, affecting everyone equally. All classes, including a king and a pauper, lie beneath him, highlighting that Death does not discriminate based on social status, race, or gender.

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